Fishing Boat

Safe Seafood

The fact is local seafood is significantly healthier and tastier than cheaper antibiotic-fed fish. In an increasingly global economy, the seafood business has grown into a large-scale, international industry that is difficult to regulate. Did you know that only 2% of IMPORTED seafood is inspected by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration? Yet our commercial fishermen, seafood processors, retailers and restaurants follow rigorous safety and sanitation rules closely monitored by the FDA, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and the local health department. Outer Banks Catch is also fortunate to have organizations like the North Carolina Sea Grant working to insure our seafood is the safest, freshest and most flavorful available. To learn more, check out our buying tips our download a Quality Counts chart, compliments of our friends at NC Sea Grant. 

Buying Tips: First, find a trusted, knowledgeable seafood market/grocer. Of course, you have what it takes to select fresh fish and shellfish yourself – simply look, touch and smell the difference.

Fresh Cut Fish
• Firm, elastic
• Translucent color
• Moist appearance
• Mild scent

Whole & Dressed Fish
• Bright, shiny eyes
• Bright red gills, if present
• Firm, elastic flesh
• Scales adhering tightly to skin
• Smooth, glistening skin• Mild scent
• Bright red bloodline in gut cavity

Live Shellfish
• Tightly closed shells; if open, they shut when tapped
• Moist, intact shells
• Mild scent

Raw Shrimp
• Translucent shells with grayish green or tan coloration
• Moist appearance
• Firm flesh
• Mild scent